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Restoring Fatherhood in Rwanda

Many Rwandans are still suffering from the legacy of the genocide with widespread trauma, depression and a large number of widows and orphans. However, as Bishop Emmanuel Ngendahayo of Byumba Diocese recently explained on a visit to our office, the Church is at work building hope and restoring families.Rwandan women are often responsible for collecting firewood, carrying water and caring for children while the male members of the community fail to play an active role. The Fathers’ Union has been...

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Growing the Next Generation in Tanzania

With almost half a billion children in Africa, the future of the African church is dependent upon teaching the gospel faithfully to this generation. Andy Bennet of Faith2Share member CMS Australia is involved in an exciting initiative to teach the Bible to thousands of secondary students in Tanzania.Half the population of Tanzania is under the age of fifteen. Christianity is growing but there is an urgent need for faithful Bible teaching. Young Tanzanians are increasingly influenced by secularism and misguided...

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Witchcraft Doesn't Work!

‘We think witchcraft doesn’t work!’ said local people who had been seeking to oppose the ministry of a Faith2Share member movement through witchcraft. In this area which is, at most 1% Christian, the gospel work had developed when men from the community said, ‘We would like to hear more teaching about God. Are you going to stay and teach?’ In addition, the community lacked local schools: ‘Our children don’t go to school. Will you bring a school to our area?’...

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Community Transformation in Kenya

Imagine going to a school without books, pencils or a desk. This is what Lucy Chaves of Faith2Share member SAMS USA witnessed at Uymoa School in Kenya two years ago. ‘It was the worst-performing school in the region,’ she said. The students were in tattered clothes and went to school without breakfast or lunch. But Lucy knew the Lord was calling her to help. Farmers in the local community were mobilised and a feeding programme developed to provide lunch for...

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Apprenticeship: Gateway to Ministry

Faith2Share member iServe Africa runs a leadership development programme for new graduates. At the heart of this programme is apprenticeship: a model of training which aims to help young Christians develop a deeper understanding of the gospel, mission and ministry through placements in a church or Christian organisation.Peter Muturi Kimotho is a second year apprentice at St Helen’s Church in London and he reflects on his time with iServe.The iServe apprenticeship has, he says, completely changed his view of life...

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Wounds that heal

It is not only in the first century that Christians were stoned for their faith. A missionary of Faith2Share member agency Mekane Yesus International Mission Society (MYIMS) in Ethiopia was recently stoned and then imprisoned when a family he had befriended came to faith in Jesus. But the story does not end there. After the stonning some of the members of the mob regreted what they had done. The missionary was recovering at the church after his attack and time...

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