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  • Victims of Rape in D.R. Congo Find Comfort

    'I was raped by militiamen and then rejected by my husband and family.' said one of many female victims of sexual violence in D.R. Congo. 'The... Read More >>>

  • The Workplace is My Pulpit

    Titus Oludotun Kumapayi of Faith2Share member Church of Nigeria Missionary Society writes, 'In 1991, during a training session at Haggai Institute... Read More >>>

  • Healing for Victims of Violence in D.R. Congo

    It is well known that The Democratic Republic Congo has witnessed terrible armed conflict in recent years. But it is not generally understood that... Read More >>>

  • Collaboration Key to Miraculous Transformation

    'When our team first went to share the gospel with the people of Godo, Dankpen in Togo, the local people kept their distance' writes Ngozi of... Read More >>>

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