Global discipleship for a changing world
  • Well connected

    "What will we teach them? We will love them in Christ Jesus. ... We will listen carefully to their stories and find ways to partner with them for... Read More >>>

  • Jesus - the gift of a dying man

    Economic deprivation and spiritual vitality seem to go hand in hand in north east India. Faith2Share has for some time partnered with... Read More >>>

  • New Foundations for Growing Kenyan Ministry

    Faith2Share member iServe Africa literally laid new foundations for a new phase in their growing ministry recently, with practical help... Read More >>>

  • Don't leave your bread in the oven!

    “We need an ‘oven policy’”, said the delegates at Faith2Share’s recent Ghana Depth Discipleship Consultation. “When you bake bread you... Read More >>>

Our mission is to enable effective collaborations between mission movements and leaders
– working together globally to share faith and change lives.

We Prioritise

...working together with mission movements from the global North and South who particularly demonstrate an intention of working together.

We Focus

...our support to mission leaders, creating new opportunities for them to connect, learn and grow in leadership.