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About AsiaCMS
Asia Church Mission Society (AsiaCMS) is passionate about training and equipping leaders for mission. We form partnerships and develop networks across Asia to better train, support and engage in cross-cultural ministry.

The Need
Christianity is growing rapidly in Asia. There are already 252 million Christians, but this represents only 8.5% of the overall Asian population. Asia hosts 3.8 billion non-Christians and in many nations there is little penetration of Christianity and a lack of engagement with other major world faiths.

Asia is sending more mission workers. However they are often inadequately trained to deal with challenges they may face and therefore less able to communicate the gospel effectively. AsiaCMS has developed a cross-cultural training course for mission workers, which focuses on both the biblical foundations for mission as well as the practical challenges of cross-cultural living and ministry.

We are currently running training courses in Malaysia and Nepal as well as offering training through bible colleges and at conferences across the region.

We also resource develop mission partnerships with individuals, couples and families who have been locally selected to go into mission. They are then sent through AsiaCMS and the local agency.

Watch the Asia Gateway video.