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Church of Nigeria Missionary Society

The Church of Nigeria Missionary Society (CNMS) is the Mission Agent of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) taking the Mission of God's love and reconciliation to every home in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

CNMS follows the manifesto of Luke 4:18-19 to organize Rescue operations as a Mission agent of the Anglican Communion, taking the Mission of God's love and reconciliation to every home in Nigeria, African and beyond.

Missionary Conference
An annual Missionary Conference takes place on the Saturday preceding Pentecost Sunday, and this is rotated around the three Provinces. It is during the conference, we receive field reports and challenges of the materials for Mission and Evangelism.

• To select, train, and send-forth Mission Partners to unreached parts of Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the World.
• To co-ordinate Missionary effort of the Church and organize evangelistic outreaches.
• To mobilize, train and empower the laity to effectively participate in evangelism.
• To promote and encourage consistent and sustained prayer support for Mission and Evangelism.
• To create awareness for various areas of Mission through radio, television, film and print media, and facilitate their execution.
• To mobilize support and raise funds for Mission and Evangelism in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.
• To carry out appropriate research to reveal the nature, composition and geographical extent of unreached people-groups in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.