Global discipleship for a changing world
  • Focus on Discipleship in North India

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  • Senior Official Baptised, Accused, Vindicated, Promoted

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CMS Africa


CMS-Africa exists to envision, equip and mobilise leaders in and of the Church towards holistic mission.

VISION: Renewed Mindsets; Transformed Communities.

MISSION: Equipping and Multiplying Leaders in the Church and Society to Transform Nations.


    • Envision and connect leaders in and of the Church in Africa to demonstrate holistic transformation mission
    • Equip leaders in and of the Church to effectively multiply holistic transforming mission in and from Africa
    • Mobilise local and global resources to support leaders in and of the Church engaging in holistic transforming Mission


    • Business as Mission (BAM)
    • Youth Ministry
    • Women Ministry
    • Financial Freedom for Families (F4)
    • Samaritan Strategy
    • Mission Support Services

Footprint Campaign
The Footprint Campaign is a Capital Campaign designed to fund the construction of a 9-floor storey building in Nairobi, Kenya as a way of makings missions work by Africans an economically sustainable reality.

The campaign seeks to transform lives for the better by ensuring continued engagements with the Church not just today but in years to come. At the heart of CMS-Africa Footprint Campaign is the desire for economic sustainability.

CMS-Africa is determined to execute strategies that will ensure millions of people across Africa and beyond develop home-grown solutions to address their needs.