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Indian Evangelical Mission


"Preach the Gospel"

The Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM) was founded by Rev Dr Theodore Williams in January 1965 during the Evangelical Fellowship of India’s National Convention to revive the missionary enterprise. With one missionary, a few hundred rupees and a bicycle, this faith mission grew into a vital tool in the hands of God, eager to fulfil the Great Commission, in letter and in spirit. IEM is now a family of 580 missionaries and office staff.


    • To take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the unevangelized areas in India and abroad, and to plant churches among unreached people. Our goal is a church among every people group and the Gospel to every person.
    • To challenge Indian Christians to realize their responsibility for world evangelization and to recognize their partnership with other Christians in the world in fulfilling their task.

Our Ministries

    • Field Ministries
    • Church Ministries
    • Personnel Ministries
    • Media Ministries
    • Administration and Finance


Missionary training was introduced to equip new recruits before they entered their mission fields or ministry bases. The training programme of IEM began in 1974 at Nashik. New candidates are trained in language learning principles and various other subjects like leadership development and finance management. The course was designed to develop the trainees’ skills to update their knowledge and develop their character. Our future plans we want to develop the curriculum to cater to the needs in the mission field.