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Mission Together Africa

About Mission Together Africa

Mission Together Africa (MTA) is a mission initiative seeking to catalyse mission movement in Africa through networking, connecting and sharing of resources.

We envisage communities of people across Africa who are committed to experiencing and discovering the life of Christ and living as witnesses in cross-cultural contexts (outside the normal or usual contexts).

We seek to be a catalyst in Africa for connecting people, opportunities and resources for cross-cultural mission.


In order to fulfil our purpose, mission and vision, we embrace the following objectives:

    • Cross-cultural: Experiencing and discovering Christ outside our normal/usual contexts
    • Reflecting: Learning, growing and reflecting on God’s mission together (in community)
    • Sharing: Dissemination of information and opportunities for mission vision and involvement
  • Researching: Identifying and exploring African mission realities and related issues
  • Networking: Connecting churches, individuals and organizations for God’s mission

MTA is running the following strategic programmes:

    • Mission Adventure Galore (MAG): Short-term cross-cultural placement for youth
    • Mission Think-Tank (MT2): Contextual missiological reflection for African church and mission leaders to nuance existing mission paradigms with African insights.
    • Professionals International (PI): Facilitate African professionals to serve in “creative access” areas through their professions.
    • Africans in Diaspora (AD): Engaging the reality of African Christians in Diaspora and their contribution to mission in and from Africa.
    • Business as Mission (BAM): Facilitate emergence and growth of BAM concept across Africa.