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Focus on Discipleship in North India

" As we look around our churches here in North India we are painfully aware of how much we have failed to help our people to be disciples." confessed the Moderator of the Church of North India (CNI) at the opening of last week's Faith2Share consultation with the CNI in Delhi, India. Bishop Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy went on to welcome the initiative of the global Anglican Communion for a nine year focus on "Intentional Discipleship". In his opening address he...

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Senior Official Baptised, Accused, Vindicated, Promoted

A senior official in a ‘closed’ Asian country* faced a challenge beyond his political influence: his daughter was losing her sight and the doctors could do nothing for her. Then a man in white robes appeared to her: ‘You will get better and attend two art schools.’ The official reflected that the ‘man in white robes’ sounded rather like Jesus. The daughter got her sight back and, just as the man in white had told her, attended two art schools....

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International Provision Through a Basket of Vegetables

A couple from a poor Mexican context work for a Faith2Share member in the Middle East. Recently, they were worried about their supervisor’s visit because they lacked the money to show him around properly. Out of the blue they received a mobile phone message, ‘Check your bank account’. They were amazed to find a deposit which exactly covered their needs. God’s provision had come about through humbling sacrifice thousands of miles away. God had spoken to an old woman scraping...

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Loving Words for a War-Torn Country

‘We need to respect others and approach them sensitively, ready to listen but always ready to share the unique reality of Jesus Christ’, said one of the participants of this week’s Faith2Share Whole-life discipleship consultation in Sri Lanka. On an island with bitter memories of the recent civil war nobody wants to rock the boat but they also have a story to tell about God’s power to change situations. That story needs to be told with sensitivity so that Buddhist,...

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