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To Go Fast... Go Alone, But To Go Far... Go Together

At the risk of stating the obvious, The idea of ‘building something up’ is not just a spiritual one. It can also be very practical. We notice significant change taking place when people decide to do things with others. The value of collaboration is best expressed when the local impact is demonstrated in positive outcomes.

Rev Jan Wessels, Faith2Share International Director commented, “It is great to see so many leaders together and see how the Spirit is moving among them. I saw, during the Nairobi Leadership Consultation, people getting inspired and fired up by the example of one member and they immediately started to connect, looking for ways to collaborate. A beautiful example of the African saying: if you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together. A ministry in one city, becomes a movement in several countries within an hour. That is what Faith2Share is all about!”

A great example of ‘going far and going together’ is that of Rachel Karanja, a Kenyan entrepreneur connected to CMS Africa and Bishop Johnson Chinyong'ole from the Diocese of Shinyanga in Tanzania.

Rachel has been involved in community projects, aimed at spreading the Gospel message and ensuring that people live dignified lives as part of their faith journey. Mrs. Magesa, the widow of a Tanzanian Anglican priest, was in a difficult position following the death of her husband, and needed significant support for her family to survive following her husband’s death. Rachel began to support the family and assist them in rebuilding their lives by starting a cereal business.

It was at the Nairobi consultation, where Rachel was a delegate that a connection was first made with Bishop Johnson. This connection resulted in a dynamic development of the idea she used with the Magesa family. It was agreed that businesses and business people could be trained in the same way and benefit hugely from this outside knowledge.

A three day training event was organised for the diocese within a very short time called “Business as a Mission”. This event provided training for 75 people from the diocese who could realistically start their own enterprise to provide a better standard of living within communities.In addition to this very practical outcome, it also prioritised women in leadership roles by using the Magesa as a live case study.

Faith2Share has always sown seeds of partnership through collaboration and when a ‘God moment’ occurs between people like Rachel and Bishop Johnson, it can grow into something great.

Lives are changed both spiritually and practically when relationships are cultivated.

The act of discipling and encouraging is one of the key pillars of our faith and is built around the sustainability of partnership ministry. This is probably best summed up by a delegate who said, ‘I have been reminded that we are a tiny part of a beautiful thing that God is doing all around the world.’

Thank you to all Faith2Share supporters who help to make this beautiful thing possible!