Global discipleship for a changing world

Our Leadership Campaign focuses our support on mission leaders, creating new opportunities for them to connect, learn and grow in leadership.

We do this by accompanying, mentoring, consulting and resourcing them for mission leadership, sustaining their own personal discipleship for a changing world.

Faith2Share builds leaders for three key outcomes:

    • To help them lead disciple-making movements where children, women and men learn to follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives.
    • To help them build effective collaborations in mission as they establish trust and respect with other leaders in their own locations as well as internationally.
    • To help them recognise when God is doing a new thing, when He is raising up new and emerging mission movements, and to know how and when to come alongside and strengthen these new movements (seeking to foster inter-dependency and mutuality).

Leadership development is a process and Faith2Share supports mission leaders in two ways: face-to-face and remotely. Our remote, ongoing support reinforces and extends face-to-face training, mentoring and consulting. We can only offer this support because those who give faithfully to Faith2Share. Please help us to continue offering vital support to front-line mission leaders by joining our group of committed, regular supporters. Select "monthly" under the donation type here or write to us at [email protected] for more information.


In Yangon, Faith2Share has fostered the development of the ‘Myanmar Faith2Share Chapter’, four mission leaders who have shared their journey in mission and facilitated training opportunities for another 30 mission and church leaders. They have equipped and encouraged local leaders in what has been a fast-changing and fragile context; especially as it comes out of military dictatorship.

Faith2Share connected mission workers in India and Nepal with a Nigerian Church willing to part-fund international mission workers. A number of agreements have now been made which has multiplied and strengthened the impact of local Christian mission workers across the global South. This would never have happened without Faith2Share’s active support and engagement in this area.
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In Nairobi, Faith2Share’s Africa Coordinator has drawn together a ‘hub’ of about ten mission leaders who regularly meet for fellowship and to learn from each other. This draws together network members and other partners. It has already resulted in a training consultation for francophone African leaders (held in Goma, DRC, in 2015) which focused on mission in the midst of suffering.