Global discipleship for a changing world
  • Successful Discipleship Consultation in Rwanda

    Following a successful Whole-Life Discipleship consultation held within the Diocese of Byumba, Rwanda in February 2018 and the impact... Read More >>>


    CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) UPDATEFollowing recent developments regarding the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the leadership of Faith2Share is... Read More >>>

  • Open the Floodgates of Heaven

    There is always more joy when things are running smoothly. We have been delighted for the good times in 2019, and we are grateful to God for all... Read More >>>

  • Faith2Share Digital Prayer Day - March 17th 2020. Connect with us on Zoom for 1 hour

    We hereby kindly remind you of the ‘Digital Prayer Day’ that is scheduled for March 17, 2020. This event is a follow-up from the email... Read More >>>

We impact the lives of people across many different cultures,
developing global Christian discipleship, leadership and faith for a changing world

Faith2Share is a learning organisation with passion for sharing learning and insight with our network members, partners, supporters.

Here are a few links to resources that you may find useful for information, connection and prayer. More will be following in the coming months...


A selection of Faith2Share's consultation reports from the past few years:

  1. Nairobi Leadership Consultation (2019)
  2. Chiang Mai Leadership Consultation (2017)
  3. Bangalore Leadership Consultation (2016)
  4. Ghana Depth Discipleship (2016)
  5. Myanmar Depth Discipleship (2016)
  6. DR Congo Leadership Consultation (2015)
  7. Myanmar Leadership Consultation (2015)
  8. Nepal Depth Discipleship Consultation (2014)
  9. Addis Ababa Leadership Consultation (2014)
  10. Nigeria Depth Discipleship Consultation (2013)
  11. Nairobi Depth Discipleship Consultation (2013)
  12. Bangkok Leadership Consultation (2013)

Mission resources

A selection of some key mission resources:

  1. Well Connected by Phill Butler
  2. Making it Happen - Congregations address HIV-AIDS
  3. Holistic Mission - a resource from Interserve
  4. CCM Advocacy Guide
  5. Building-Kingdom-Communities-2016
  6. CMS history - an international family
  7. Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World - Guidelines
  8. Challenges to Freedom of Religion in post-Soviet Central Asia (report from Mission Eurasia)
  9. Bribery and the Bible by Richard Langston
  10. AfriGO - a new magazine on emerging missions in Africa published by SIM (also available in French)

In 2018 Faith2Share has worked with 112 church and mission leaders and organised consultations and training events in Rwanda, Kenya, India and Myanmar. Faith2Share has also partnered with the Anglican Communion providing input, planning and facilitation in Malawi – with 105 church and mission leaders having been impacted. Our partnership with the Diocese of Goma in DR Congo has resulted in over 400 young Christians exposed to the Faith2Share’s Discipleship training.

Faith2Share Impact Statement 2018