Global discipleship for a changing world

MOVEMENTS - We prioritise working with mission movements from the global north and south which want to work together.

For over two thousand years the sharing of faith by the first disciples has shaped a changing world. In the last few hundred years new mission movements were birthed as the passion of Christians travelled with a message of faith, hope and love for all.

And in the last fifty years we have seen the amazing growth and strength of the church and Christians across the global south, as they have taken up the call to join God’s mission.

Because they have a faith to share.

Faith to Share is a relational Christian network connecting more than 50 local and global mission movements, all bearing witness to this history and to God’s story of amazing grace. Motivated with a heart for global discipleship, we have a vision to see faith changing lives all over the world.

We focus our mission on what we have become good at over the last ten years of service – connecting local and global mission movements, their leaders and practitioners – equipping them to form effective collaborations that learn, pray and work together to see a shared vision fulfilled.

We are proud of our roots, challenged by the uncertainties of the present, but excited as we journey with new partners – fresh expressions of God’s amazing grace reaching out into every corner of the world.

The Faith2Share network is intrinsically relational and our focus is on the missional maturity of leaders and the sustainability, growth and impact of their ministries – particularly through collaboration.

Since 2004 Faith2Share has been committed to working with new and emerging mission movements. Our first step was to hold an international consultation in Bangalore in November 2004 where emerging mission leaders from 20 different countries met with Faith2Share members to explore possible partnerships in mission.

Since then we have been conducting research and working with over 100 emerging mission movements, mostly in the global South and in some areas where traditional mission work is still restricted. We have also partnered with a number of established mission agencies doing similar research. Although mission movements come in all shapes and sizes, one thing they have in common is their ethos and commitment to being the ‘salt of the earth’ – evangelical, cross-cultural and transformational.

Many emerging mission leaders have attended Faith2Share’s consultations over the years. Since 2012 we have been intentionally bringing together our more traditional membership and other emerging mission movements to promote conversation and news ways of collaborating on a more level playing field.

Examples of our emerging mission movement partners are to be found in Kenya, India, Nepal, Central Asia, Bangladesh, Burundi and Canada.

The Faith2Share network believes that the more established mission agencies and churches can and should work together with the newer movements so that together they can advance God’s mission, “being mutually encouraged by each other’s faith” (Romans 1:12). We seek to learn from these movements, support them and build effective collaboration in mission.

Being part of a network, feeling that I am part of a bigger family, that I am not alone. The fellowship, encouragement, prayer, and support of other network members and the staff team.

Aila Tasse, Lifeway Ministries International, Kenya - working across East Africa and the Horn of Africa

From a human perspective, the hope for the worldwide church depends on effective multicultural leadership.

James E Plueddemann, Leading Across Cultures, 2009