Global discipleship for a changing world

Asian Outreach Alliance

Asian Outreach is a dynamic network of Christian non-governmental organizations. Partnering together with churches, companies, governments, foundations and individual people like you, we have been empowering and transforming lives in Asia for over 50 years. As an international alliance of like-minded ministries from over 10 countries, Asian Outreach Network members are committed to work alongside local leaders and international partners to inspire hope and offer practical help for sustainable transformation across Asia. Although Asia is home to over 60% of the world’s 2.7 billion population and is presently spearheading much of the growth of the global economy, many of its people are trapped in an unrelenting poverty cycle. We believe though that sustainable transformation is possible in at least four dimensions – economic, physical, societal and spiritual.


The capacity and means to provide for present and future financial needs, e.g. employment, infrastructure, business and investment.


The opportunity to hear about the value that God places on their lives and be part of the community of faith, e.g. Bible translation, leadership training.


Basic human needs are provided for in relevant and sustainable ways, e.g. water, food, education, health, shelter and disaster preparedness.


Living in a just and equitable community with good governance and leadership in all sectors, e.g. equality, justice, sound laws and policies.

Together We Transform Individuals and Societies
We have grouped our strategic and innovative projects into 5 main categories. These are designed to best meet the actual needs and indigenous vision of local communities. They also provide meaningful partnership and investment opportunities for you to personally be involved in the transformation of lives in Asia.

  • Making the lives of others more full and healthy through community development.
  • Providing knowledge, understanding and holistic education.
  • Equipping the next generation of young people through leadership development.
  • Providing individuals hope, dignity and purpose through spiritual development.
  • Working together to make Asia greater through partner development.