Global discipleship for a changing world

Church Mission Society - The Call in Action

About Church Mission Society

Church Mission Society (CMS) is a pioneering mission community with roots dating to 1799. We believe every person is made to play their part in the mission of God to restore and heal a broken world and broken people. So mission isn't someone else's job; it's mine.

What do we want to see? Our vision
Our vision is to see all God’s people engaged in God’s mission, bringing challenge, change, hope and freedom to the world.
As we join in God’s mission, through Jesus, and in the power of the Spirit we see that:

  • The love of Christ renews people and places
    • Pioneering leaders forge new paths of transformation
    • People on the margins flourish
    • The healing of creation begins
  • Who are we? Our identity
    We are a community of people set free to follow God’s call in mission.
    As a community, it is God’s mission that is our passion. Our common commitment is:
    • To participate in mission
    • To learn from mission
    • To pray for mission

    To enable God’s people to engage with passion in mission, we will consciously and intentionally grow our mission community in depth, diversity and in numbers.

    What are our values?
    We are people who are:
    Pioneering: we try new things, ask questions, cross boundaries.
    Evangelistic: we share Jesus in word and action
    Relational: we get alongside people, becoming a genuine part of the communities where we find ourselves.
    Faithful: where others have left or given up, we remain committed for the long-haul.

    As a mission community God calls us to be such people. We commit ourselves to live by these values.

    What do we do? Our call
    Our call is to see people set free to play their part in the mission of God

    God calls people, both individually and together, to engage in his mission. Our focus is to see both individual disciples and communities of disciples set free to play their part in the mission of God. Our third priority expresses our desire as a community to be as effective as we can be in delivering the first two.

    Thus we will work to set people free to play their part in the mission of God by
    • Raising disciples in mission
    • Partnering churches in mission
    • Maximising our effectiveness in mission