Global discipleship for a changing world

CMS Ireland

Everybody has a part to play. "You are the body of Christ and each one of you is a part of it." 1 Cor 12:27
CMS Ireland is a Christian mission organisation that exists to help God’s people engage in God’s mission. We facilitate two-way relationships between the Church in Ireland and our Global partners in Africa and Nepal. Through these partnerships and through our engagement with churches and individuals in Ireland, we seek to equip the Church mission so that lives and communities continue to be transformed.

What we do

    • We are committed to encouraging and enabling local Christians to engage in bringing the Good News into areas where the name of Jesus is rarely heard. We do this by:
    • Establishing meaningful links between the churches in Ireland and around the world
    • Supporting local church initiatives
    • Helping resource the worldwide church
    • Providing opportunities for engaging in mission

We currently work in relationship with 19 Global Partners in 9 Countries.

Our relationship with these Global Partners provide the context for all CMS Ireland’s work, whether sending teams, organising mission placements, facilitating visits to Ireland by our Global Partners, sharing stories of God at work or producing resources to help churches and individuals explore the biblical story of mission.


Create More Opportunities for people to engage in mission by:

    • Increasing our number of long-term Mission Partners
    • Opening up more opportunities for short-term experiences
    • Recruiting and training more volunteers
    • Assisting our Global Partners to share skills and personnel directly with each other
    • Supporting the education and training of local leaders in our partner locations.

Provide More Mission Education through:

    • Mission Accompaniment programmes
    • The development of specific educational resources and through investing in the theological training of Church leadership in Ireland and throughout the world.
Expand our Horizons by:
    • Embarking on mission in Ireland rather than simply seeing it as a support base for mission elsewhere
    • Beginning to work in new geographical locations (where appropriate)
    • Embracing new types of missional work, where this will enhance the work of the local church as it engages in mission.