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Indian Gospel Outreach and Social Action


Indian Gospel Outreach and Social Action (IGOSA) is an Indigenous and non-denominational faith ministry established in Orissa in 1984 with a vision to "reaching the unreached", particularly those who are in rural and tribal areas.

Aims and Objectives:

    • Reach the unreached in rural and tribal areas with the good news of salvation.
    • Deliver cross-cultural evangelism.
    • Establish Evangelical Churches in the unreached areas.
    • Train young people for Christian leadership to help them involve in mission.
    • Mobilize people for social concern.
    • Help the poor orphans and needy through education and medical care.

Four-fold Ministry:

    • Educational
    • Social
    • Physical
    • Spiritual

There are 62 tribal groups and 93 SC groups found in Orissa alone and most of these groups are unreached. Many of the people are illiterate and struggling economically. We continue to strive hard to reach most unreached areas and people groups with the Gospel.

Social Action

During Gospel Outreach, we encounter many people living in conditions of poverty. This is particularly true for the Devadasi caste. We aim to give a helping hand whenever possible by providing:

Education for Children and Adults

    • Medical facilities
    • Orphan care
    • Relief from disasters such as famine, fires, floods and disease
    • Rehabilitate the poor with small business projects such as mat-making.

Child Development Centres

Child Development Centres provide a place for children to attend before and after school. The children attend their school in the day time and they come to the centres in the morning and evening when they receive food, clothes, tuition and day to day necessities.