Global discipleship for a changing world

New Anglican Missionary Society

About New Anglican Missionary Society

"Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"- Matthew 28:19

The New Anglican Missionary Society (NAMS) is a global and dispersed community of pioneering church planters who have come together to do an apostolic work under an apostolic rule. It is a community raised up by God for the 21st century but rooted in the life and faith of the first century. As missionary servants of the gospel, we carry in our heart the desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ reach to the ends of the earth, giving everyone the opportunity to respond to the love of God in Christ Jesus.


    • NAMS exists to help spread the Gospel to all people.
    • NAMS trains and equips disciple-making disciples.
    • NAMS trains and equips disciple-making leaders.
    • NAMS sends trained and equipped people all around the globe.

By God's grace we are:

    • BUILDING a global network of Companions and Associates, whom God calls to the NAMS vision and mission.
    • GOING wherever the Lord Jesus sends us.
    • HELPING to plant new communities of faith, obedient to the Great Commission.
    • REMAINING faithful to the Gospel and values of the Kingdom of God in all things.

Ministries of NAMS

We have an excellent collection of audio and video recordings, as well as blogs and books, created to teach and inspire accessible on the NAMS website free of charge. The resources are continuously updated and uploaded regularly. Many of the NAMS videos are also available to download from iTunes as Video podcasts, also for free, to take with you on your mobile device, or to watch at home on your computer or Apple TV. The audio teachings and sermons are also available as a podcast. Our hope behind these is that God will speak through them to equip men and women who are called to be church planters. Watch a video about NAMS here.