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The Sheepfold Ministries

About The Sheepfold Ministries

The Sheepfold Ministries (TSM) is a mission agency founded in Kenya that works among the unreached tribes and people groups where there has been little or no impact by the churches.

We count ourselves raised of God in our generation to be His people and to cause His praises to spring forth among the nations particularly among the unreached peoples.

We are an evangelical, non-partisan and interdenominational agency seeking to conduct our affairs in the light of the Scriptures under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The priority of The Sheepfold Ministries is to serve the unreached peoples in Eastern Africa, the Horn of Africa and the Sahel.

Our Objectives are:

    • To reach the unreached peoples with the transforming message of the gospel of Christ.
    • To help reach Africa by mobilising churches - they need to know and get involved in missions.
    • To equip missionaries with basic skills that will help them reach the unreached peoples effectively.
    • To work in partnerships with local and continental bodies to fulfil the Great Commission.
    • To develop networks that enhance missions.


    • Sending missionaries to the unreached people groups.
    • Organising mission prayer and awareness events.
    • Offering short-term opportunities for involvement in missions.
    • Working together with churches to reach unreached people groups.
    • Carrying out research and sharing information.
    • Doing community work as part of our mission.
    • Training and equipping missionaries to reach the unreached peoples.
Our approach to ministry is with both hands extended - one hand invites individuals to repentance, faith and eternal reconciliation with God through Christ Jesus. The other embraces the lost's physical and emotional well-being. This is the hand of social justice, mercy and compassion which embodies the goodness of God's Kingdom on earth. One is not a means to the other but both are equally significant to life in the eternal Kingdom.

The Sheepfold Ministries (TSM) is involved in missions to the unreached people with the holistic ministry of our Almighty God. Some of the work we do is:

    • Training missionaries
    • Educating the unprivileged children
    • Planting churches
    • Offering medical services
    • Living with the communities and offering short course on farming, irrigation
    • Training on entrepreneurship
    • Showing them the love of our Lord.