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Delivered From Witchcraft!

The conversion of a prominent witch, rapid church growth, harsh terrain, nomads and congregations using rocks as seats - this is the context for the indigenous Kenyan mission, One Youth Ministry, which has close links with Faith2Share. Despite very limited resources, the mission is seeing extraordinary fruit. The advances of God's Kingdom in this region do not come without a cost, however. On a recent fact-finding mission by motorbike, the local worker got stuck in deep mud in an area plagued by bandits. After struggling with the bike for two hours, he was forced to leave it in the bush and find a place to spend the night. He walked for three hours through mud and across two fast-flowing rivers. By the grace of God he was able to retrace his steps the following day and continue on his way. Pray for One Youth Ministry as they contend with many difficulties to take the gospel to those who do not know Christ.