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Growing young Disciples under fire

A partner from Ukraine wtites to Faith2Share, "We have started a very exciting project called “Daniel School”. Its purpose is to train selected teenagers to be church and society leaders. the programme involves studies of Scripture, apologetics, logic, rhetorics, sports, camping, hiking, rafting, teamwork etc. We are going to provide an academic content for the program. All sessions are broadcasted online. I was especially touched through boys and girls who followed us online from the war zone of Donetsk and other places at Donbas. A group of seven followed us online at a basement in Avdeevka (the hottest spot of the confrontation right now) listening to one of our teaching seminars and shellbursts not far away. May the Lord keep them safe and protected! Please pray for that great project and these young devoted guys - they are the future of the church and of the nation."