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Pray for the training of Indian leaders

A Faith2Share partner Indian mission movement, which works primarily in West Bengal, has requested prayer for two events in the near future. During July they will be offering training to 15 people who come from a Muslim background and have decided to follow Isa (Jesus). They write, "This training will be based on CHE (Community Health Evangelism) materials and CHE strategy. CHE is a strategic model for integrating evangelism, discipleship and community transformation. It’s a five days intensive training program with engaged learning methodology for reaching the unreached peoples with community health evangelism strategy. After the training the trainees will implement the lessons in their respective places and come together for evaluation and ongoing training. It's a powerful and life changing training on ‘Good Health’. CHE addresses the needs of the whole person- spiritual, emotional, physical, and social.2 The second event will be in August when 20 leaders will gather for 3 days of intensive Biblical study and reflection. Please pray for these two events.