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Bangalore Home of Hope inspires delegates

While in Bangalore for Faith2Share's Leadership Consultation, delegates had the opportunity of visiting a number of local ministries. One group was given a glimpse inside a most inspiring and moving ministry: New Ark Mission of India's Home of Hope. It was set up in 1997 by a former auto-rickshaw driver known locally as 'Auto Raja' or the 'Mother Theresa’ of Bangalore. Home of Hope is a community that rebuilds the lives of destitute people from the busy streets of Bangalore.

So far more than 5,000 people have been rescued. Home of Hope offers a place of solace and shelter for street people with HIV/AIDS, homeless, outcast, those dying of cancer, leprosy, kidney failures, life-threatening injuries from living rough, road accidents as well as those who are mentally challenged. Auto Raja and his team face a daily challenge as each day there are new arrivals from the streets, in varying stages of illness and distress. Some survive only hours or days, while others for months and years.

Auto Raja says: “Twenty to 30 people die every month… and are cremated in the government crematorium. They are given a dignified and peaceful end, instead of unnoticed death on the streets where the dogs eat their flesh.” Please pray for Auto Raja and his ministry. For more information, see