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Brazillian Youth step forward

Young people in Brazil are looking for difficult ways to serve God. They enjoy a challenge and the Mission of God today is full of challenges. As Missao Antioquia (Antioch Mission), a Faith2Share member agency, celebrated its 40th. anniversary this past weekend the grounds of their 'Valley of Blessings' mission headquarters were alive with young people seeking new ways forward in mission. Also present at the celebrations were many of the missionaries who have served with Antioquia over the past 40th years, in Europe, North and West Africa, Asia and other parts of Latin America. The only person we missed was Najua Diba, Antioquia's very first missionary who went to start work in Albania almost 40 years ago - she was not present because she is still hard at work in Albania, now 82 years old! The young people gathered this weekend have quite an example to follow. Plenary sessions during the conference focused on some of the major challenges in global mission today and the resources, mainly spiritual, personal and in terms of Christian character, that are required. Antioque has a particular focus on serving people in Arabic speaking countries and in the contemporary political climate this presents very special challenges. At the heart of the 'Valley of Blessing', a beautiful headquarters site which includes a church, conferences halls, accommodation for 300 people and a training college, is the prayer hall where a chain of prayer for mission is maintained 24hrs and 365 days a year.