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Building Bridges Around Campfires

North America has an astounding 361 unreached people groups and a Faith2Share member agency is working with one of these communities. K.* told us how she had been spending time with immigrants who own a local shop. K.’s friend S.* now trusts her enough to leave her with the shop while she runs errands. K. was fascinated to see how her friend opened up to her on a visit to a lakeside holiday home. As they sat around the campfire S. said, ‘This is our way! Can I bring my father?’ It’s wonderful to see how God can use something as simple as a campfire to create bridges for the gospel across very different cultures.

In another amazing bridging of cultures, God is sending a couple from Central America to work with this immigrant community in North America. What an exciting example of the new movement of mission ‘from everywhere to everywhere’!

*names withheld for security reasons