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Corn, Prizes and Sunday School

Lun Sokly starts her day by riding her old bike to school. Sokly lives in Cambodia with her 65 year-old grandmother while her parents work in Thailand. Sokly earns $1 per day peeling the skin off corn but she is passionate about her schoolwork. Every month she wins a prize and is top of her class (year 9 or eighth grade). Sokly wants to be a teacher when she grows up: ‘I love children and want them to avoid drugs. I want to give knowledge to the next generation.’

Sokly is also committed to her church, where she serves as a Sunday School Teacher. She says, ‘I received Jesus when I was six years old. Even though my parents are not here with me, I always feel close to them because God is with me. And I always pray for them and never lose hope because I have God.’

Faith2Share member Asian Outreach Cambodia is supporting Sokly with her schooling as part of their commitment to holistic Christian ministry.