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Dignity through tailoring

Married at fourteen to an eighteen-year-old, Rai lives in the slums by the Bagamati River. She was among five women who enrolled in a tailoring training programme started by Faith2Share member the National Mission Commission of Nepal. After her husband met with a serious accident on a building site, only Rai’s father-in-law is currently able to work, which is a real challenge for this family of seven. Rai says, ‘I want to learn tailoring and start a small shop to earn a living because there is no-one else in my family who can do so besides my ageing father-in-law.’ Thanks to the tailoring project, Rai now has the hope of providing for her family in a dignified way.

Source: Ram Prasad of Faith2Share member, the National Mission Commission of Nepal.

Original article: Faith2Share member CMSAsia.