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Disability tops agenda in South Asia

Young leaders from seven countries are currently in Nepal for the 2016 conference of the South Asia Christian Youth Network (SACYN), coordinated by Faith2Share member AsiaCMS. Delegates are deliberating on the conference topic of Disability, based on the theme 'Accessible South Asia: Creative Responses for Mental Health and Differently Abled.' Fifty young leaders from countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Bangladesh are gathered in Nagarkot, Nepal from 1st – 6th July. Over the past four years, SACYN has completed an annual leadership training series for youth leaders on three themes: Globalisation and Youth Cultures; Asian Christian identities and thirdly, South Asian Diasporas. SACYN explains that several enterprising young leaders (such as Nepal National Youth and Church of South India) have taken these thematic training programmes and cascaded them to national, diocesan and district levels. At this week's conference, the training is designed to initiate discussions and build awareness about disability across South Asia. The SACYN alumni in Nepal take a lead role in organising this programme, which will see church leaders and subject experts facilitating the training.