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Donkey Work for God

‘I’ve learnt that missionary work is not just about preaching and teaching the Bible alone’ says Okiki of Faith2Share member iServe Africa, ‘There is also donkey work i.e. weeding, spraying crops, tilling the land, sowing, repairing punctures, etc., to instil a work ethic into the community … Here, work is viewed as a bad thing and the men would rather sit down under a tree for the whole week, playing the same games.’

Okiki therefore models hard work to demonstrate the fullness of Christian discipleship. His attitude to ministry shows a rare degree of self-sacrifice. Living in the area where God has called him, ‘requires one to persevere,’ he says, ‘[and to] be ready to suffer, encourage oneself, and trust God more and more.’ Other obstacles Okiki faces are language barriers, conflict between communities, a very hot climate and communication difficulties. He has to walk up a mountain to get an adequate mobile signal!

Frontline cross-cultural ministry is often far from glamorous and many mission partners in Faith2Share member movements make significant sacrifices (far beyond Bible teaching!) to make the gospel known.