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Don't leave your bread in the oven!

“We need an ‘oven policy’”, said the delegates at Faith2Share’s recent Ghana Depth Discipleship Consultation. “When you bake bread you don’t leave it in the oven; you take it out and share it! And it’s the same with the good news; it’s for sharing with everyone around.”

The Consultation, organized in collaboration with Torchbearers Mission and the Ghana Evangelical Missions Association, was a resounding success with 56 delegates from Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

There were sessions on a number of aspects of discipleship including traditional African religions, the family and the workplace. The delegates discussed the importance of formation before evangelism. The Lord forms us into disciple-makers (Mt 4:19) before he sends us into the word (Mt 28:19). On the subject of the workplace attendees noted that many people spend longer at work than at home and certainly than they do at church so the workplace is a key forum for Christian formation and witness. It was also noted that even though Ghana ranks very high for the percentage of the population that is Christian, the nation is also ranked as one of the most corrupt in the world. This mismatch demonstrates why Faith2Share’s emphasis on whole-life discipleship is so crucial.

Faith2Share would like to thank Torchbearers Mission and the Ghana Evangelical Missions Association for their collaboration, without which the Consultation could not have been such a success.