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Every church that does not do mission must close

The recent Francophone Africa Consultation (CRAF 2017) provided ample evidence that God is challenging the church to commit herself more deeply to mission and discipleship in francophone Africa. Faith2Share was delighted to be represented there by Captain Timothy Mazimpaka (Church Army), who reported on the following highlights:

Mission in the Local Church (Younoussa Djao)

Mission is what God does to bring human beings to Himself. Every church that does not do mission must close. The purpose of man in God’s mission agenda is to push, conquer and destroy the reign of Satan.

Children in the Kingdom of God (Marie Marceline Fattoh)

In many francophone countries, children can be seen as unreached by the gospel. Yet Jesus states that the Kingdom of God belongs to them. The church’s investment in children will determine the state of tomorrow’s church.

Biblical Training (Dr. Mohamed I. Yattara)

The most challenging issues in francophone Africa are the lack of in-depth scriptural knowledge and a disobedience to the Scriptures. The tragedy in our era is not that the gospel is not preached, but that it is preached without practising obedience to its precepts.

‘Leprosy Complex’ (Dr. Kolibali)

Today, Africa suffers from a leprosy complex. No-one wants to identify with her. Africa is also likened to an appendix because it is a continent full of problems. To some, Africa can be removed without causing a crisis. Ironically, God is today counting on the African church to take the Bread of Life (the Gospel) to the nations who are spiritually starving (2 Kings 7:1-20).