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Faith in Action: A Year of Global Elections and Prayer throgh the Lens of the Cross

In 2024, the world stands on the brink of substantial political change, with national elections scheduled or expected in over 50 countries. This unprecedented wave of elections, affecting almost half of the global population, offers a unique insight into the current state of democracy. From the United Kingdom to the United States, from India to Mexico, from South Africa to Iran, the landscape of global governance is poised for transformation. During respective election periods, we support our Faith2Share membership organisations as they encourage prayer among their faithful, recognising the vital role of intercession in these times of significant change.

As we approach the half year mark, the year has already witnessed 29 elections, including crucial ones in Taiwan and Russia. Mexico has just elected its first female President, a climate scientist, marking a historic moment. As we write we await the closure and result of the important elections in Indial, while critical elections in the European Union, UK and United States are on the horizon.

For Christians worldwide, these elections present a profound opportunity and challenge. In countries where intolerance against religious minorities, such as Muslims and Christians is rising, the stakes are particularly high. The growing political and social divisions, coupled with economic instability and environmental crises, necessitate a thoughtful and prayerful response from the Christian community.

Churches often find it challenging to raise their voices in the public square amidst the clamor of political discourse. Yet, on issues of morality and justice, they must stand firm. Despite their voices not always being widely heard, Christians are mobilising their prayers, seeking divine intervention for a world where tolerance of all religions—and none—is the norm.

As we navigate this pivotal year, let us continue to pray for leaders who will uphold the values of democracy, human rights, and religious freedom, fostering a world where all can coexist in peace and harmony.