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Faith2Share: Emerging Stronger with Renewed Commitment

In the face of global upheavals, including the COVID-19 pandemic and economic strains, Faith2Share has not just endured but is now poised with a rejuvenated commitment to its mission.

The pandemic thrust us headlong into the digital age, overhauling communication and collaboration. Emerging from the chaos, new trials loomed with soaring costs and energy woes. Yet Faith2Share adapted, emerging leaner and more focused, poised to build a formidable foundation for the future's challenges.

"We've navigated through tough times, but our commitment to fostering effective collaborations between global mission movements has only intensified," asserts Jan Wessels, Faith2Share's International Director. "We are dedicated to providing platforms for our members to exchange experiences, resources, and uphold best practices through forums, events (both online and in-person), Leadership Briefings, and our Prayer newsletter.”

Central to our mission is facilitating resource and experience sharing among our members, steering us towards collective learning and best practices. As part of this commitment, we have been developing the concept of Whole-Life Discipleship consultations, which aim to equip mission leaders with knowledge and best practices. Among our plans for 2024 (more to follow in subsequent news), we will develop this further including an in person meeting in Islamabad later this year.

Faith2Share is poised for a new chapter, focused on amplifying our impact. We're enhancing our digital resources for greater accessibility and community engagement. Building on successful initiatives, we will host more events fostering personal connections and collaborative efforts. As we go forward, if you have news to share or best practices beneficial to other members, please reach out to Anton Ponomarev.

As we approach the observance of Holy Week and Easter, a time of profound reflection and renewal, we extend our heartfelt wishes to all our members and supporters. May this season bring you peace, strength, and renewed hope in our shared mission.