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Floods hit Nepali villages

We are receiving news today from the National Mission Commission of Nepal (NMCN), a Faith2Share member agency in Nepal, that severe flooding has taken place following continued heavy rain across the country. At this stage 39 people are reported to have lost their lives and in the last 24hrs a further 28 are reported missing. The main problem seems to have been landslides which have destroyed houses and some bridges. The worst hit area was Pyuthan where at least 11 people were killed and 23 others have gone missing. In a separate incident a landslide at Rajawara buried three houses killing four people. In Gulmi a landslide claimed at least seven lives, while five houses and three bridges have been washed away. This latest tragedy comes to communities who are still trying to reconstruct their lives and communities after the earthquake last year. NMCN have requested pray for all those effected and for the teams engaged in rescue activities. Faith2Share works with a number of partners in Nepal but especially closely with NMCN and Vision Network Nepal (VNN) who are both engaged in discipleship activities in addition to their current commitment to reconstruction after the 2015 earthquake.