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God Speaks Even When We Sleep!

Michael’s calling came in 2012 when he accompanied his youth team to Provincial Youth and Children’s ministry conference in Botswana. One of the children’s ministry teachers was giving a report on how they were doing in Zimbabwe. This captured Michael’s heart and he often felt troubled at night as he heard a voice in his room asking him what he had done to spread the gospel.

Even after he went back home, the voice kept coming back to him, especially when he slept. However, whenever he woke up, there was no one there. This had made him confused until he shared his experience with one of the Christians who was a member of the Presbyterian Church. He explained to Michael that God had entrusted a task to him. Michael recalled that when he went to church, the Sunday school class was waiting outside without a teacher. This was how he received God’s calling and started to get involved in church work.

Church Army Africa’s college in Nairobi: “When I leave Carlile College I will take with me the word of God and knowledge,” Michael says.

Faith2Share’s Africa Co-ordinator, Timothy Mazimpaka, is a tutor at Carlile College, which offers a range of vocational, ministry and mission courses. For further information, visit