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Children’s Centres Grow Rapidly

Faith2Share’s newest member, Manna Mission, is seeing rapid growth in its provision of Education and Development Centres for Children in West Bengal. Two years ago the charity had one centre with 20 children. Today Manna Mission runs 50 centres with a total of 1,500 children.

The centres cater holistically for the children’s development. In addition to schooling, programmes include singing, prayer, stories, health education, drawing, dance and games. The centres build close relationships with local communities and the children’s families.

Manna Mission staff are trained according to the Child Status Index, including food and nutrition, shelter, child protection, health, pyschological well-being, education and skills training. The image shows Manna Mission staff during a training event.

The Mission aims to double the number of centres this year, reaching a total of 100.

The Faith2Share network is committed to integral (or holistic) mission as a natural expression of Christian discipleship.