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Appreciation for Faith2Share from Kenya

Faith2Share’s Kenyan members again and again expressed their appreciation to Faith2Share as “a space to talk about mission and hear what is happening across the globe in relation to mission”. That was the feedback from the latest Faith2Share fellowship meeting for Kenyan members, held on 18 May at Church Army Africa’s headquarters in Nairobi.

Faith2Share’s ‘Kenya chapter’ meets on a regular basis and is led by Timothy Mazimpaka, who is Faith2Share’s Africa coordinator, serving with mission agency Church Army Africa. Timothy said: “It was agreed that Faith2Share remains the excellent avenue for leadership development, to collaborate, and network with other mission-minded bodies. For African delegates, Faith2Share consultations have always been the mirror in which African mission work is reflected.”

He said the main objective “was to link up again, refresh ourselves on the importance of belonging to Faith2Share, share feedback on recent Faith2Share consultations (Goma in DR Congo and Bangalore, India), plan together, pray together and eat together.”

Timothy continued: “The reflection on the Bangalore experience (where Faith2Share had its most recent leadership consultation) shows that ‘at the moment Africa lacks a good model of mission’ – and this is a big challenge.”

It was suggested that the Kenyan chapter is a good avenue for ‘nurturing the vision of a momentum mission movement’. Timothy added: “Members in the fellowship agree that ministries have to walk together and do things together so as to forge a united front.”

Those in attendance included three Faith2Share members: Richard Mayabi, General Secretary of Church Army Africa,; Dr Aila Tasse, of Lifeway Mission International and Harrison Mungai, iServe Africa. Also present were Jackson Wanga, of One Youth Ministry; Florence Muthoka, representing Bishop Joseph of Machakos Diocese and Dennis Ndege of Machakos Diocese Clergy, who is also chair of Anglican Students Fellowship.