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Manna Mission Joins Faith2Share

Faith2Share is delighted to announce that Manna Mission has joined our network. Manna Mission has its roots in a work of God’s Spirit when hundreds of people in West Bengal came to know and follow Jesus Christ.

The members of Manna Mission serve Jesus Christ and their neighbours in a wide range of inspiring ministries. “It’s shocking to know how many children [in West Bengal] do not have proper food, clothes and shelter,” writes Founder-President of Manna Mission Tushar Manna. The organisation runs education and development centres which, “play a significant role in preventing these precious boys and girls from child labour and from the trap of human trafficking.” A total of 1,500 children are enrolled and the Mission aims to start ten new centres each year.

Manna Mission runs biblical and mission training for indigenous gospel workers in West Bengal. “Since the churches are growing all over,” Tushar Manna comments, “it is necessary that the village pastors and ministry leaders are equipped with the Word of God … [the training] helps the trainees for their own transformation and prepares them for successful strategic ministry. The participants find God’s will, his direction, encouragement, inspiration and knowledge as they read the Bible and as we go through the whole Bible.”

Manna Mission is also active in a number of other areas including:

  • Community Health Education with 20 trained Community Health Education workers offering holistic care to those in need.
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Microenterprises for Income Generation including Goat Rearing, Duck Rearing, Women’s Fashion Business, Grocery Shop, Tailoring, Tea and Coffee Shop, Stationery Shop, Vegetable Shop, Computer Training Centre. Beneficiaries refund 50% of the seed money so that the project can be replicated.
  • Relief and Development including construction projects for those affected by a cyclone, food relief, help for the homeless, widows and orphans.

We have known the Founder-President of Manna Mission, Tushar Manna, for a number of years and he has participated in several Faith2Share events. We very much appreciate the ministry of Manna Mission and look forward to the synergy created by their participation in the network. For more details about Manna Mission, please see their member page.