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New centre to encourage peace and reconciliation in DR Congo

More than 76 young women, who have suffered during war and conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), are now being taught practical life skills, including sewing and needlework, on a site that will eventually become a multi-faceted centre to promote peace and reconciliation among young people in Bunia.

It is still early days but plans for the centre are being spearheaded by Rev Bisoke Balikenga, who is national coordinator of the youth department for the Anglican Church of Congo and a long-time colleague and friend of Faith2Share.

Bisoke recently organised a large training workshop/seminar in Goma, which was attended by Anglican youth leaders, Sunday school workers, teachers, trainers and government officials. “One of the many resolutions from the event," he explained, "is to build on land already obtained at Rwampara/Bunia, a centre specifically for young people to train youth, girls and Sunday school leaders – plus income generating projects from the buildings and land.”

Once sufficient funds are raised, Bisoke says the centre would be a fully operational centre for peace, vocational training and an activity centre for the youth of Bunia.

“It is at a place with electricity and thus a nice place for a centre for empowering the youth and training people on peace building and conflict resolution,” Bisoke added.

“This will equip young people with practical skills and entrepreneurship; making them useful in the society. The centre will be used as an evangelism platform reaching out to the young people. It will also serve as a recreation centre as well as a reconciliation centre owing to rampant conflicts within DRC.”

Already this group of young women (pictured above) are benefitting from the centre - which so far has one classroom/shelter built.