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Planting Seeds of Peace in South Asia

Adam was visiting a village in South Asia when he noticed something unusual. Adam was giving out sweets to the local children and a young girl was making sure that the younger ones also had their share. This is counter-cultural behaviour where the attitude tends to be, ‘If it comes to you, God gave it. Take it.’ Surprised, Adam asked the girl why she was sharing.

‘I learned it in my school,’ she replied.

‘How?’ he asked.

‘It is in the teachings of Jesus: we should care for our neighbours.’

The girl attends one of the ‘Peace Schools’ which Faith2Share member Global Teams has been setting up in the area. The Peace Schools centre on the teachings of Jesus Christ and therefore promote peace and reconciliation. Global Teams partners with the local villages by providing the curriculum through local field partners and assisting with construction costs. In return, the village donates land and pays the teacher.

The Faith2share network is committed to whole-life discipleship whether in education - as in this Global Teams initiative - the workplace, healthcare, the family, politics or any number of other areas.

Original article on the Global Teams website.