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Pray for Growth - And God Will Answer!

Faith2Share supports mission leaders around the world, working through collaboration to help increase their effectiveness in disciple-making. It was exciting to meet Rev. Capt. Patience Wanzala, Principal of Carlile College, Kenya at our offices this week and to hear about how God has developed her leadership capacity.

Patience’s first appointment at Carlile College was as a tutor. Then, in 2015, she became Dean of Studies, responsible for helping her students develop into the leaders God wants them to be. While in her new position, Patience prayed for her own spiritual growth. She expected to remain Dean of Studies for at least five years but then, after just two years, Patience had another ‘red letter day’. This time she was offered the position of College Principal. ‘I didn’t feel ready,’ she told us honestly. ‘But then God reminded me, “You were praying for growth.”’

The path hasn’t been easy. ‘Every days is a challenge. But I am relating to God more closely. I pray, “If you don’t do it, Lord, I cannot move. There’s nothing I can do.” I am learning to ‘read between the lines’ of the Scriptures.’

Carlile College is a training ministry of Faith2Share member Church Army Africa.