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“Putting me on the right track, giving me a wider family”

Ngozi Nwosu (Church of Nigeria Missionary Society) attended both our previous conference in Nigeria and last month’s gathering in Ghana. Faith2Share’s Anton Ponomarev asked her how she had benefitted from the consultations. Watch the 3-minute interview on our YouTube channel.

“During the consultation I was really enriched spiritually," Ngozi says, "and the work we were doing in Togo was also blessed through my attendance. There are many voices speaking and one is bound to get confused if one is not well directed. I can see that consultation putting me on the right track and giving me a wider family in the Lord.”

Ngozi made connections at the Nigeria consultation which resulted in a Christian adult literacy programme being delivered and she gave one example of the impact: “One of our workers, who is totally illiterate: after [the adult literacy programme] he was so encouraged. ‘I can learn!’ He has gone back to school. I can see a great future ahead of him.” This is exactly the kind of collaboration between ministries which Faith2Share works hard to foster and we are delighted to see the consultations bearing fruit in this way.

Ngozi describes how the Ghana consultation built on, "what God has started to do from 2013 and making it stronger so that the Lord will help me to do whatever He desires of me and to finish strong ... We want the work [in Togo] to move according to God’s plan to the glory of His name.”