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Salvation Through An Asian Tea Shop

H* was born in an Orthodox Muslim family in South Asia, writes the Faith2Share contact there. He followed the customs and rituals of Islam but his mind was not at peace. He admitted to having a bad character which made him concerned about what would happen to him after death. At times he drank and smoked to drown out his worries. One day H* was given a book by a young man he met in a tea stall. The book was called How to receive salvation. It was at this moment where H* realised that Jesus was the only way to salvation.

Suddenly he felt something new which he hadn’t felt before and heard Jesus’ voice calling him. Unfortunately he could not find the young man who had given him the book so he went to the tea stall owner to find out more. Apparently, the young man was the elder son of the Secretary at the local mosque. A year earlier, he had been thrown out of the family home after he put his faith in Jesus. A Christian family nearby had given him refuge.

H* later managed to find the young man and hear about how he had become a follower of Christ. H* shared everything with his wife about his new experiences and she also received Jesus as her personal saviour.

*Name withheld for security reasons.

Image: Nasir Khan Saikat, Wikimedia Commons