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Shouting for Joy

Aaiza's* husband was in a rage. He held her up against the wall and pressed a knife into her throat. Afterwards she realised she couldn’t speak - he had damaged her vocal cords. Four months later she was still mute. Then she had a dream, about someone she had met once in church when she was registering for aid. She felt God was telling her to go and see this person. So she knocked on the door of the church and using her mobile phone she wrote that she wanted to see them. A group of women gathered to pray for Aaiza, and after about 20 minutes she was speaking and shouting!

Since then Aaiza has been following Jesus, making some serious commitments and has forgiven her husband. “My husband has been different since the war,” she says. Sadly this is true of many men.

Aaiza has been using her new voice to tell many people about Jesus and what he has done for her. “I was at the hospital yesterday and this lady was sitting next to me and told me how she was mute and then people prayed for her in Jesus' name and she was healed,” another lady we know told us. “She told me some stories about him, and I told her that I already knew them,” she said.

Word is spreading! Please pray that many more will come to know the healing, love and forgiveness that can only be found in Jesus!

*Name changed for security reasons