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Soaking Up God’s Word Like a Dry Sponge

‘I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear this!’ exclaimed Mika, clapping her hands, when she read in the Bible about God’s unconditional love.

Mika had hit rock bottom when she first stepped through the doors of the church in Japan. She had grown up in a household with domestic violence, leaving her with no real sense of ‘home’. Her own marriage had failed and her strict Buddhism left her feeling lost and guilty.

All Mika knew about the Christian faith was from a television programme which concluded that the Bible could not be trusted. But Mika felt drawn to it and accepted her friend’s invitation to church with a sense of peace. Once through the doors, she immediately felt embraced by a warm welcome.

Mika began to meet with Michelle Jackson of Faith2Share member CMS Australia. ‘Mika was like a dry sponge,’ says Michelle, ‘soaking in everything she could about God.’ Mika found that God gave her a ‘sense of coming home’ through His word. Mika, now baptized, has now become a light amongst her family and friends and exudes the joy which flows from her relationship with God.

God is drawing people to Himself around the world from innumerable backgrounds and in countless different ways. The member movements of Faith2Share – including CMS Australia – share a commitment to joining in God’s mission, making disciples whose joy flows like rivers of living water.

Original article in CMS Australia magazine Checkpoint Spring 2017. Visit