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The Joy of Reading

'I am happy to have discovered this centre to learn to read and write' says a grateful graduate from a Congolese literacy centre. 'I can now read the Bible and understand the word of God in order to grow spiritually. I am trying to convince others to learn to read and write because it is important for social and spiritual life. Besides, it was through that literacy centre that I received Jesus as Lord and Saviour because we are taught to read the Bible and understand its meaning for our lives.'

Dr Kahwa Njojo, one of the local leaders, writes, 'What is inspiring in my life and ministry is seeing how God is making changes in the lives of many. There are many people who live in peace with others being reconciled to God and their fellow men. Others come to receive Jesus in their lives and others manage to overcome their suffering. Your prayers and support are important to this ministry that God has entrusted to us.'

Please pray for Faith2share partner Dr Kahwa Njojo and for the important holistic ministry he leads in D.R. Congo.