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Tourist Attractions and Gospel Opportunities

On a recent trip with friends to a well-known tourist attraction in India, M.*, a good friend of Faith2Share, began an interesting conversation with their Muslim driver. Their talk turned to faith and the driver shared his knowledge about Islam very enthusiastically. After listening to him quietly for a while, M. said, ‘You are extremely knowledgeable and I have perhaps learned some things from you today. But listen! God created us out of mud and breathed life into us so that, while our body will pass away, our spirit will live on. This spirit will either go to heaven or to hell after our death and this is what matters. No amount of good works or our own achievements could take us to heaven but Allah Himself has made ‘the Way’.

After this short conversation, M. and his friends went to see the tourist attraction. When they returned they found the driver deep in thought. After a while he said that he had never heard anything like this in his life and he was eager to know ‘the Way’ which would lead him to Allah in heaven. By the grace of God, M. told him how Isa Al-Masih (Jesus) was the Way that Allah Himself had ordained and only through Him can we reach Allah in heaven. The driver was very eager to learn more and M. promised to visit him again.

Faith2Share works with many mission leaders like M. around the world to promote whole-life discipleship and disciple-making.

*name withheld for security reasons