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Victims of Rape in D.R. Congo Find Comfort

'I was raped by militiamen and then rejected by my husband and family.' said one of many female victims of sexual violence in D.R. Congo. 'The training I received in tailoring has helped me to take control of my situation. I praise God for the spiritual comfort I received through local Christians. Now I feel more at ease because I am stable both spiritually and economically. Even without the support of a husband and wider family, I am able to support my child at school and provide for his needs.'

Violence against women in D.R. Congo has resulted from the presence of armed groups and a local culture of violence, says Dr. Kahwa Njojo who oversees the Centre of Non-Violence for Reconciliation and Peace (CNVRP), a department of the Anglican Church in Congo. 'These women need help because most of them are rejected by their family and face stigma. They need both psycho-spiritual help and livelihood training in areas such as tailoring, embroidery and farming so that they can provide for themselves and their families.'

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