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Where do you live?

Bishop Zac Nirigiye gave the keynote address at Faith2Share’s recent Whole-life Discipleship Consultation in Kampala, Uganda, focusing on the question, “Where do you live?” It is important to take seriously the place where we live, delegates were reminded, because discipleship does not happen in a vaccum. “What are the problems facing the people who live where you live? What do you do there?” the Bishop asked.

Bishop Zac said that it was when he paid attention to where he lived that he became uncomfortable with the systems that dehumanised the people of Uganda. He went further and decided that these systems must not go unchallenged. Together with friends, the Bishop started ‘Black Money Movement’, whose purpose is to fight the evils related to corruption in Uganda. Bishop Zac sees the greatest impediment to be, “Christians who read the bible too much but don’t read the world where they live.” Nonetheless, the gospel has power to transform.