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Witchcraft Doesn't Work!

‘We think witchcraft doesn’t work!’ said local people who had been seeking to oppose the ministry of a Faith2Share member movement through witchcraft. In this area which is, at most 1% Christian, the gospel work had developed when men from the community said, ‘We would like to hear more teaching about God. Are you going to stay and teach?’ In addition, the community lacked local schools: ‘Our children don’t go to school. Will you bring a school to our area?’ This was the beginning of a holistic educational ministry which has proved very fruitful with children making rapid progress in their learning. The community’s Chief concluded: ‘You are still there. It is good that you resisted.’ In a recent conversation with Faith2Share, the gospel minister affirmed the critical importance of prayer support in pioneer ministry: ‘We need ten prayer warriors for each pioneer.’

Many Faith2Share member movements are pioneering at the frontlines of Christian mission, facing many physical and spiritual challenges to serve local communities and share the love of Christ.

NB The image is from a different context in order to protect the security of our members.