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Wounds that heal

It is not only in the first century that Christians were stoned for their faith. A missionary of Faith2Share member agency Mekane Yesus International Mission Society (MYIMS) in Ethiopia was recently stoned and then imprisoned when a family he had befriended came to faith in Jesus. But the story does not end there. After the stonning some of the members of the mob regreted what they had done. The missionary was recovering at the church after his attack and time in police cells when a crowd of 20 people brought in a sick woman. Concerned this was a trap he questioned them carefully but seeing they were genuine he prayed with the woman who was troubled by an evil spirit and mentally sick. God answered his prayer, the woman was healed and immediately 13 people decided to follow Jesus. Now the missionary has forgotten his injuries because he has many people to disciple. MYIMS asks for prayer for this missionary, the new disciples and their on-going work. (The missionary's face is deliberately hidden in our picture).